Future Vehicle Forecast: 8 Stunning Supercar Concepts

Future Vehicle Forecast: 8 Stunning Supercar Concepts

Future Vehicle Forecast: 8 Stunning Supercar Concepts

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The Audi Locus is a “nature-inspired” concept coupe by Turkish designer Ugur Sahin.   The most striking design characteristics of the vehicle are the curved surface shapes that flow from front to the-rear.  The name of the concept reflects the concept of curve: in mathematics, “Locus” is a collection of points which share a common property, usually forming a continuous figure such as a curve.


Lamborghini Insecta

The Lamborghini Insecta is a concept created by Romanian designer lulian Bumbu, who apparently took Lamborghini’s brand direction from bulls to bugs.  The design combines Lamborghini’s signature styling cues with elements inspired by insect exoskeletons.  This kind of “armor” appearance is particularly visible in the back and top views.  While the 2-seater mid engine supercar borrows its inspiration from nature, it adopts the same dimensions and powertrain found on the Gallardo.


Porsche 918

Porsche recently announced that their 918 Spyder will be put into production.  What was once just an extravagant concept for a plug-in hybrid has now become a reality.  Porsche boasts about 78 miles per gallon for the Spyder, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor show earlier this year.  With a pair of 109-horsepower electric motors and a 500-horsepower V8, Porsche says the 918 can do 0-100km/h in under 3.2 seconds.  The cost?  It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but early rumors have suggested around $630,000.



To mark the 30th anniversary of the BMW M1 super sports car, BMW Group Design presented this homage to the legendary M-1 model.  BMW’s forte is to draw on their powerful history and actively feed influence into their designs of the future. The BMW M1 Homage is a design study in the tradition of a BMW Turbo that represents a contemporary take on the BMW M1 and the mid-engine concept. It is instantly recognizable as an M1, particularly in profile, where the M1 Homage’s basic shape clearly mimics that of its forebear.


Cadillac Aera

The Cadillac Aera (Aero + Era) concept vehicle is an ultra-light weight touring coupe based off structures found in nature.  All of the components stem from the main structure which creates a naturally strong, extremely lightweight frame.  Seating four, the Aera weig

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hs only  1,000 lbs with

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a range of 1,

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000 miles before refueling.  The Aera combines Cadillac’s philosophy of “Art and Science” to achieve these attributes without compromising size, capacity and safety, for an innovative and stylistic approach to ultra-light weight vehicle design.


Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar unveiled its C-X75 concept earlier this year, a car that will take the X-type in a whole new direction.  The C-X75 is an extended-range electric supercar that roars from 0 to 60mph in 3.4 seconds, cranks out 780bhp and reaches a top speed in excess of 205mph.  It has a quartet of electric motors with a backup gas-turbine powerplant that allows the car to go 68 miles just on electric or 560 miles on the gasworks recharge / Li-ion battery pack combo.  Jaguar hints the look of the C-X75 hints at the brands future design direction. “By making it an innovative test-bed for the technologies of tomorrow, it also ensures our reputation for engineering excellence will continue for another 75 years and beyond,” says Mike O’Driscoll, Managing Director of Jaguar Cars.


Ferrari 612 GTO

Angry Car designer Sasha Selipanov from Berlin, Germany unveiled some beautiful renderings of the Ferrari 612 GTO.  The super car concept, although not real, paints an exciting picture of what subsequent GTO models from Ferrari could look like in coming years.  The car features modified 458 Italia headlights, a massive grille and 250 GTO side vents.  The rear features unique glasswork, a rear diffuser, and a dual exhaust system.


Mercedes Benz Biome

The Mercedes Biome concept was unveiled at the LA Auto Show in 2010 as part of a design competition that challenged designers to create a car which weighed less than 1,000 lbs (454 kgs), and could carry four people in safety and comfort.  The Mercedes-Benz Biome is an ultralight vehicle that utilizes technologies from nature to achieve unparalleled efficiency and seamless integration into the ecosystem.  Part of the enchanting story behind the concept is that the vehicle is grown organically from a seed, and uses energy from the sun stored in a lightweight material called BioFibre to power the vehicle.  It is much lighter than metal or synthetic composites, but stronger than steel when mature.  The Biome is grown in the Mercedes-Benz Nursery through proprietary DNA.  Mercedes-Benz calls the Biome a “Symbiosis” vehicle, which releases pure oxygen into the environment, helping urban areas offset carbon emissions.

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