Top 5 Unique Restaurant Experiences

Top 5 Unique Restaurant Experiences

Top 5 Unique Restaurant Experiences

There is much debate about what goes into a great dining experience…the food, decor, entertainment and service. But what happens when our reservation lands us in a much more vibrant and exclusive environment so that all the senses are enlightened?  Enter the Top 5 Unique Restaurants of 2011.

Dinner in the Sky

Not for the faint of heart, Dinner in the Sky is a compelling and irresistible take on dining. Lifted more than 160 feet in the air by crane, this is the highest restaurant on our list, offering fine dining and entertainment all right there at your table. The table offers a 22-seat arrangement with a chef, waiter and entertainer also included. You can also include a second “hoist” for personalized entertainment like a piano. The best aspect of Dinner in the Sky is the company has expanded to 15 countries including the US.

Chillout Ice Restaurant

Chillout is the first Ice Restaurant located in the Middle East. The restaurant has created everything from ice including sculptures, glasses and furniture. Even the Dubai skyline has been carved out of ice. After donning the complimentary Parka, gloves and shoes, you pass through an air-lock to enter the -6º lounge and served with a complimentary Mocktail or Hot Chocolate beverage.

Maldives Underwater Restaurant

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This gorgeous restaurant is secured 5 meters below sea level at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. Made of acrylic, diners have a 270º panoramic view of the sea life overhead and can even request to spend a night in the “aquarium”.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant New Zealand

Built in Auckland, New Zealand, this restaurant has an apparent sense of environment surrounding it. Constructed from Pine and Popular wood, the Yellow Treehouse is secured 40 meters above ground level. Since it is built on a hill, access to the restaurant is easy with the elevated tree-top walkway. The restaurant can accommodate 30 guests.

Dans Le Noir Restaurant London

This unusual restaurant has a lot to offer, but not for your eyes. Dans Le Noir (in the dark) restaurant offers a dining experience led by a team of blind waiters called “Guides”, that allow you to embark on an journey that summons respect from all the other senses. The beautiful thing about this restaurant is it has a natural ability to bring the diners together. Speech is everything, so once sitting in the pitch black room, diners begin dialogue with each other. No matter your appearance or social status, Dans Le Noir brings people together.

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