2011 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

2011 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

2011 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

A racing tradition dating back to 1929, the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix is known as one of the most important and prestigious races of the year.   The challenging course winds through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine and demands more concentration than any other Formula One track.  Although the average speeds are low in comparison to other races it is an extemely dangerous course that quickly distinguishes the good drivers from the great ones.  If it were not already an existing Grand Prix, a course of its type would not be allowed on the schedule for safety reasons. One of the most notable features of the track is the tunnel where drivers have to adjust their vision going from the bright daylight into the dark tunnel and then back again when they drive out; it is also the fastest point on the track.

In addition to being a historic race it is also one of the most glamorous and prestigious social events of the year in Europe. Luxury yachts from around the world are d

ocked portside during this time, and Monaco”s hotels are filled with celebrities, royalty and other influential guests.

Notable Formula 1 Highlights:

  • Track length is 260.520 km (161.887 mi) or 78 laps
  • Mclaren is the auto manufacturer with the most wins at 15
  • The Monaco Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, and 24 Hours of Le Mans are considered to form a triple crown, only one person, Graham Hill, has won all three
  • Average fastest speed on the course is 88 mph (143 kph)
  • From 1984 to 1993 the race was won by only two drivers – Frenchman Alain Prost and Brazilian Ayrton Senna

Be sure to tune in for the exciting race on Sunday, May 29th! For more information, including schedule and course layout, please visit the official Formula One website.

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