Ralph Lauren 4D Projection Mapping Experience

Ralph Lauren 4D Projection Mapping Experience

Ralph Lauren 4D Projection Mapping Experience

Drive Productions 4D architectural projection mapping installation for Ralph Lauren fuses fashion, art, and technology.

Ralph Lauren and Drive Productions have created a digital arts installation that brings 4D architectural projection mapping into a fashion store for the very first time. The installation was recently launched at KaDeWe, Berlin”s most famous trademark department store, and will be featured for the entire month of August. Polo Ralph Lauren commissioned the installation to launch their new ‘Design Your Own Polo Shirt’ Collection.

Every month KaDaWe offers the atrium space to high profile retailer to create an interior installation. It includes all window space too.  Drive had to advise on the rebuild of the whole atrium which measures 22m x 22m x 8m high. The cathedral-style proportions of the Atrium space, now the backdrop to the gorgeous eye-popping visuals, is equivalent in size to six double decker buses. The store itself is as big as 9 football fields.

The Drive motion graphics team is using ground-breaking architectural projection mapping technology to take the audience on a visual journey, creating the illusion that images of models, products and even polo ponies are literally appearing beyond the walls and floating out into space and towards the audience.

The so-called fourth dimension will be a series of additional sensory effects, including sound (music), touch (breezes) and smell (wafts of the brand’s fragrance collection), timed in sequence with the show.

Check out a recent 4D projection mapping installation at Ralph Laurens”s flagship store in London:

“Architectural 4D video mapping is that rare thing – a technique that still has the wow factor – both in terms of the creative and technological possibilities it gives brands and in terms of consumer reactions to it,” said Drive Productions director Ben Fender.

“The key factor to the success of this medium is the transformational content where it is now possible to create art installations that act as stand-alone pieces of global ad

vertising bringing together art technology and in this case ‘design your own’ fashion into one perfect package.”

KaDeWe is a Berlin landmark  – and with 60,000sqm of retail paradise welcoming 40,000 visitors a day it’s also the largest on the continent.The atrium’s big, open, brightly lit space turns into a cinematic presentation area and back again in a matter of minutes, via the use of a combination of motorized blinds, projection screens and opulent velvet drapes. Barco FLM HD20 projectors have been employed to create a 22m x 7m projection covering an entire wall of the atrium. This is the largest roller blind blackout projection screen ever manufactured in Europe.

This most recent installation for Polo Ralph Lauren follows the success of Drive Productions recent 4D projection mapping events for the brand in New York and London in 2010. Taking place at Polo Ralph Lauren’s flagship stores on Madison Avenue and New Bond Street, the events, open to the public and attended by over 1,500 people, were held to mark the launch of the new PRL UK e-commerce website and ’10 Years of Digital Innovation’. But the big value came from the 700 million media impressions that videos of the shows received online. “You could do a road show and never reach that many people,” says Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at the NPD Group.

When asked why Ralph Lauren had chosen to stage an on-site event rather than a big digital media spend, and how the event would translate into sales, Senior Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications David Lauren explained that the event was all about building mainstream awareness for the company.

“We want to make sure we are seen at the cutting-edge of technology and trends [by everyone],” he said. Ralph Lauren also plans to post video footage of the show on its website and mobile applications, hoping the event’s novelty factor will make it “go viral.”


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