8 Inspiring Office Spaces

8 Inspiring Office Spaces

8 Inspiring Office Spaces

While most company work environments leave employees feeling overworked and longing for happy hour, these creative office spaces ignite creativity and imagination while offering employees amenities that blur the line between work and fun. These eight inspiring office spaces have found a harmonious blend between attitude, elegance and functionality.


Architects Barbosa & Guimaraes centered their design of the Vodafone Building around the company”s tagline – Vodafone Life, Life in Motion. By using activity, movement and irregularity in the design, the architects were able to invoke a feeling of creativity and originality that reflects the cell phone producers ingenuity.  Completed in 2009 in Porto, Portugal, the building won Design of the Year for Arch Daily”s 2010 awards.

Dtac Thailand

Dtac is an enormous telecommunications firm housing 3,200 employees. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, it holds the record for the largest office lease in the country”s history with about 662,000 square feet. The building includes an entire floor dedicated to fun with an indoor soccer arena, running track, concert and performance areas and table tennis.


The main offices for Escada fashion house in Munich was designed by Eric Carlson, who also co-founded the Louis Vuitton Architecture Department in 1997 and designed the Tag Heuer Headquarters in Switzerland. Transparent facades and high end materials make the office look stunning and distinguish it from many corporate layouts.

Selgas Cano

The Selgas Cano architecture firm in Madrid built their own office in an environmental space with end-to-end windows. This creates a peaceful, creative space for employees to focus and remember their designs are always in contact with nature.

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Skype”s office in Stockholm, Sweden is located in a landmark of the city”s skyline, Sweden”s largest brewery. The mostly white backgrounds and ceilings were utilized as a canvas to highlight the other elements in the room and create different arrangements of shapes and color.

Three Rings

The office theme for Three Rings in San Francisco resembles the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The gaming company wanted many details to the design including an octopus couch, a lounge that is cleverly hidden behind a bookcase and captain”s quarters.

Red Bull

Red Bull”s office in London is extremely modern, yet the design flows and compliments the space with an inviting approach that seems to have many details instead of cold and boring as is most overtly modern interiors. Although modern, little details like a round ping-pong table to dine on to the whimsical 2-story slide to navigate the floors much faster.


Often referred to as Googleplex, the Google offices in Mountain View, California are huge, occupying 506,000 square feet. It was originally built for Silicon Graphics, then sold to Google in 2006 for $319 million. Amenities for the 8,000 employees include swimming pools and full facility gym, free meals and snack foods and a 24-hour gadget/computer repair shop just in case your phone is on the fritz.

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