The Ten Highest Grossing Restaurants of 2011

The Ten Highest Grossing Restaurants of 2011

The Ten Highest Grossing Restaurants of 2011

Restaurants & Institutions released their yearly list of the 100 Highest Grossing Restaurants in the US recently, and while there are returning champs, a couple of new up-and-comers are raising the bar for the whole industry. For an industry reliant on speed and turning tables, these restaurants have created a culture around their patrons and always infuse a sense of excellence into every visit. Here are the top ten highest grossing restaurants.

Tao – Las Vegas

Tao Las Vegas

Located in the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas, Tao doubles as a restaurant and nightclub and regularly serves some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Master Chefs from Asia prepare delicacies every night to insure the Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines remain authentic yet original. The decor is rounded out by century old wood, stone and waterfalls while Tao”s centerpiece, a 20-foot hand-carved Buddha, keeps a watchful eye on its patrons.

Joe”s Stone Crab – Miami

Joe's Stone Crab Miami

Joe”s Stone Crab in Miami first began 99 years ago as a quaint lunch counter in a very modest Miami Beach. Today it is ranked as the 2nd highest grossing restaurant and one of the most prominent places in Miami. Much of that success is due to the Stone Crab itself. Before 1921, nobody knew the local crustacean was edible, so when Joe”s struck out to boil them, they were an instant hit and the restaurant began its legacy.

Smith & Wollensky – New York City

Smith & Wollensky New York City

Smith & Wollensky has an refined bar atmosphere and may surprise you at first glance that it”s included in this top ten. But upon closer inspection, the restaurant cuts no corners with quality as they are one of the few steakhouses in America to butcher and dry-age their meat on-site. The original founder picked the name out of the phone book randomly, which serves as an insight to how whimsical this restaurant can be. Smith & Wollensky”s has a bit of fame too, as their New York location can be seen in the movies The Devil Wears Prada and American Psycho.

Old Ebbitt Grill – Washington D.C.

Old Ebbitt Grill Washington D.C.

Established in 1856 with close proximity to the White House, Old Ebbitt Grill has entertained presidents and politicians for over a century including President”s Grant, Cleveland and Roosevelt. Mahogany, Marble, Velvet and Brass display a sense of distinguished age that only a restaurant this refined could have.

Carmine”s – New York City

Carmine's New York City

Located in the Theater District in Times Square, Carmine”s second location op

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ened in 1992 to already rave reviews. Artie Cutler already claimed a stake in the Upper West Side of Manhattan with Carmine”s first location that is known for quality and big portions of Italian cuisine. Even though Time”s Square was in a identity crisis in the early 90″s, Artie knew it was only a matter of time before it regained its big image. That foresight landed the location in Zagat”s top 10 highest grossing restaurants list this year.

Lavo – Las Vegas

Lavo Las Vegas

Created by the same team that conceptualized TAO, Lavo restaurant and club in Las Vegas overlooks the Vegas Strip and boasts 20,000 sq. ft. Located in the Palazzo Casino, Lavo”s Italian cuisine and intimate dance floor compliment the modern decor and energetic vibe.

Buddakan – New York City

Buddakan New York City

Buddakan in Manhattan boasts sophisticated Chinese cuisine with a modern flare, but the most striking part is the huge expanse and design of the interior. Complete with 2-story oak-covered walls, the great dining hall is garnished with oversized chandeliers and a flow hardly seen in a restaurant.

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse – Chicago

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse Chicago

Founded in the same location that Sinatra and Streisand performed in the 50″s and 60″s, Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse continues the tradition of famous places occupying this location like Sweetwater and Mr. Kelleys before it. The Black Angus steaks are the main draw for visitors because Gibsons is the only restaurant group in the country to have its own USDA certification.

Joe”s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab – Chicago

Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab Chicago

This Joe”s location was opened in 2000 as an extension of the Miami location that is on this list. Joe”s prides itself on knowledgeable servers, a timeless setting and the finest seafood in America.

Fulton”s Crab House – Lake Buena Vista

Fulton's Crab House Lake Buena Vista

Fulton”s Crab House is unique in that it is housed in an enormous riverboat on the water and you must walk a gangplank to access it. Fulton”s cellar boasts a 2,000 bottle wine selection that has garnered them the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 11 times. Seafood is flown in daily from ports all over the world to ensure the best taste and variety for any discerning patron.

As the restaurant industry grows, quality and service will remain the most important to consumers, but these restaurants have found a balance between quality, chic style and an experience that no one else can offer.

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