Light Graffiti: Exposure of Art

Light Graffiti: Exposure of Art

Light Graffiti: Exposure of Art

Light graffiti’s popularity has risen over the last 10 years but the photo technique has been around since 1914. The creative artform combines organic and digital elements to achieve a three dimensional piece of art. By using varying forms of light combined with a slow shutter speed on a digital SLR camera, Light Artists photograph a symphony of light and color through precise movement, timing and placement. Artists usually employ a variety of lights to create contrast and textures to give the image depth and focal points. Below you will find a compilation of some of our favorite light graffiti artists:

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was an early adopter of light painting. With the help of Gjon Mili, a photographer and lighting innovator, they were able to produce these images for Time Magazine in 1949.


LAPP Pro’s attention to environment and conceptual displays has rendered them untouchable in the light graffiti market. LAPP stands for Light Art Performance Photography. The group has created light masterpieces for Nike and several others.


Fiz-iks’ light painting uses original patterns and emotion to tell a story. Consisting of a multi-person team of photographers located in Japan, Fiz-iks often uses the local landscape as the backdrop for their light graffiti.

Twin Cities Brightest

The artist known as TCB or Twin Cities Brightest has made a name using vivid color and seemingly impossible designs making him one of the current top solo light graffiti artists.


Lichtfaktor, located in London, is in high demand with clients like Levis, Sprint and Speedo. Their work is an outstanding achievement of this art form and is a good example of where commercial light graffiti is headed in the future.


Sola is a UK based light graffiti artist that mastered abstract light painting, causing the viewer to forgo the medium and forget the technicality involved. Sola exudes brilliance with expansive landscapes and creatively subtle techniques.

Although the art form has been around almost 100 years, the resurgence of light graffiti is still young and has almost infinite possibilities with the rapid advanced of modern technology.  We think it will be around for quite some time.

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