Nike Fuelband: Fitness is Chic

Nike Fuelband: Fitness is Chic

Nike Fuelband: Fitness is Chic
The Nike Fuelband gives new meaning to the term wrist-watch

A discrete, new LED-lit wristband acts as your portable fitness tracker

If Lance Armstrong single-handedly made charity wristbands fashionable with his Livestrong campaign, Nike is doing the same thing for the portable fitness tracker. Its new Nike Fuelband is sleek and, dare we say it, even chic with its black, masculine rubber band and minimalistic-cool LED-light display. One might even mistake it for a fashion item. But instead this deceptively simple band is doing a lot of hard work tracking times, calories burned, steps taken and overall activity scores for the day per your custom set-up. The $149 band is water-resistant for swimmers and uses a wireless Bluetooth connection to link to smartphone applications or a USB connection for your computer.

The Nike app allows you to chart and compare daily rates and set new goals via your age, sex, weight, and fitness levels. So early reports say the pedometer calculations aren’t always 100% accurate, it’s still a good overall motivator and when you hit one of your pre-set goals, there’s nothing better than seeing “GOAL” flash on your wrist screen. Consider it a personal trainer at your fingertips.

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