Creative Packaging Designs

Creative Packaging Designs

Creative Packaging Designs
The total package.

Humans are exposed to an estimated 16,000 brands a day. With the constant bombardment of sights, sounds, and messages in our world, brands must continue to find innovative strategies to cut through all of the advertising clutter in order to stand out. Below you will find products whose packaging designs make bold statements as we identify the key elements that define them.


Mixed Emotions Vodka

In today”s increasingly-competitive retail landscape, advertisers only have one chance to make a first impression. So what makes a great packaging design? Obviously, a more attractive product sells, but it must also be functional, durable, and efficient. People want more value for their money.


Minimalism is a key driver in packaging design innovation. The design with the fewest, simplest elements that manages to maximize impact by improving upon what already exists – to put it simply – wins.


Soy Mamelle soy milk packaging in the shape of a cow's udder

As Karim Rashid, one of the most influential and important designers in the 20th and 21st centuries, says, “People see the past, artists see the present, but designers see what could be. Designers are solely concerned with what could be.”


Smirnoff Caipiroska peelable vodka bottle

Many elements of business leave no room for emotion. In the world of great advertising, however, emotion is everything. In order to attract consumers to a product, designers must incorporate values, preferences, and feelings into its aesthetic. It all comes down to connecting and building a relationship with the consumer.

Take, for instance, the “Antismoke Pack” pictured below. By packaging cigarettes in a coffin, the advertiser is able to convey the powerful, resonating emotion to consumers: fear. For every cigarette from this pack the consumer finishes, he or she is reminded by the product itself of the fate that awaits them.


Antismoke Pack

In order to maximize the possibility of emotional connection, brands often go beyond the packaging itself and, armed with an understanding of behaviors associated with their product, look to incorporate the product”s natural environment. A perfect example comes from Heineken, whose STR bottle features UV ink printing on the label. Often consumed under the UV blacklights of the world”s premiere nightclubs, the bottle”s “hidden ink” reacts to the light, reveals an intricate, brightly-glowing pattern of stars and trails – a subtle but powerful experience in exclusivity.

Glow in the Dark UV Heinekin bottle

Heineken's STR bottle concept

The key to staying on the forefront of creative brand packaging is ecosensitivity. In our increasingly self-aware world, products should add more value than their production takes away. It should not, therefore, require more energy than necessary. If an attractive design employs and reuses recyclable raw materials, it becomes a smart design.


Recyclable paper water bottles

Maximum transparency also plays a significant role in creative packaging design. The CEO of Festina Watches says, “We believe in what we can see: the maximum transparency of the packaging design shows the absolute confidence we have in our product. That’s why we submit the Festina Profunda to quality control directly at the point of sale: the watch is presented in a transparent bag filled with distilled water. In subjecting it to this visible test of endurance we can convince the customers of the watch’s outstanding quality.”


Festina Waterproof Watches Sold in Bags of Water

For more of the most “Creative Packaging Designs,” check out the gallery below.

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