What the Billionaires are Buying

What the Billionaires are Buying

What the Billionaires are Buying

Recession? What recession? While global markets struggle to find stable ground, the world’s top 1%–media moguls, oil kings, royalty—hasn’t noticed much of a shift. Yacht sales are still going strong, and the Billionaire Shop (TheBillionaireShop.com), a new online destination for uber-extravagant products from the world’s top luxury brands, is making leisure purchases a little easier.

Hublot’s Million Dollar Big Bang. © thebillionaireshop.com

Dubbed “the final destination for winners,” The Billionaire Shop is where the person who has everything shops. The Shops’ inventory includes a healthy offering of the world’s most stunning cars, motorcycles, helicopters, jets, yachts, luxury properties, private islands, and watches – think Sotheby’s, meets Cessna and Patek Philippe.

MTT Turbine Superbike. © thebillionaireshop.com

The site originated as a vehicle to deliver the good life to lottery winners who recently acquired wealth and may not know where to go when looking to make their first major luxury purchases.

Lake Tahoe’s Tranquility Estate. © thebillionaireshop.com

Considering the price point of many of the products, such as the breathtaking, 210-acre Tranquility estate in Lake Tahoe, Nev., selling for $80 million, the site’s popularity has quickly grown to a customer base that exceeds those few lucky scratch-off winners.

Koenigseggs 2013 Agera R. © thebillionaireshop.com

Looking to spice up your weekend cruising? Koenigseggs’ 2013 Agera R, selling for a cool $1.7 million, should do the trick! Going by sea, there’s a $63 million Trinity Carpe Diem for the taking. Or get above it all in the six-passenger Europcopter EC135 –a steal at $4 million.

Eurocopter EC 135. © thebillionaireshop.com

There’s something so inherently plebeian about purchasing a $30 million castle in France’s Loire Valley in the same way everyone else buys the latest iPhone, but that’s how billionaires roll and the irony isn’t lost on The Billionaire Shop. In fact, it’s part of the appeal.

Trinity Carpe Diem. © thebillionaireshop.com

The Billionaire Shop presents the ultimate in luxury products stripped completely of the traditional luxury shopping experience. Forget concierges and personal super-brokers. The site’s simple e-commerce interface provides online guests and shoppers with a direct and visually appealing shopping experience. Adding to the site’s ease and convenience, most purchases can be made in three clicks or less.

Sotheby’s $87 million Bahamas private island. © thebillionaireshop.com

Unfortunately, the Sotheby’s $87 million private island in the Bahamas is already sold out, but no need to fret! The Billionaire Shop has plenty of other goodies to add to your wish-list.

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