Coolest Themed Hotel Rooms

Coolest Themed Hotel Rooms

Coolest Themed Hotel Rooms

h3>Forget Traditional Five-Star Amenities – These Hotel Rooms Transform Guests’ Stay to a Unique Themed Experience for an Ultimate Escape from Reality

When we book a hotel, we look for location, amenities and luxury. Too often, though, we overlook the enjoyment that a novelty hotel can bring, and we continuously ignore that inner child struggling to break free from the day-to-day grind and escape from reality.

Well, ignore no further. From sleeping underwater to sleeping in Batman’s bed—forget William Shatner—Mogul Theory brings you ten of the most unique and playful theme-lodgings from around the world.

Poseidon’s Undersea Resort – Fiji

Did you have dreams of being a mermaid or swimming with dolphins as a kid? If so, Poseidon’s Undersea Resort in Fiji is your ultimate destination. The resort is part of Poseidon’s Mystery Island, where you can, in addition to sleeping with the sharks, learn how to pilot a submarine, have a submerged dining experience, visit the library or get married underwater, have drinks at a treetop bar, and engage in luxurious “marine-themed” spa treatments, or play a round on the nine-hole golf course.

Can you find Davy Jones’s locker in this submarine suite. ©

The UFO @ Treehotel – Sweden

The Swedish hotel, Treehotel, is comprised of a variety of themed rooms, but the most popular room that evokes a surreal experience is the UFO room. The “room” even offers unique arrival and departure schemes, which includes a drop-down ladder entrance from the underbelly of the “space craft” and if that’s not sci-fi enough for you, add billowing smoke as you enter and exit your room! Built for four, this two-story treasure is in a galaxy of its own.

Earthlings welcome in the UFO.©

The Batman Suite @ The Eden Hotel – Taiwan

Na na na na na na na na…that’s not the Batman theme, that’s what you’ll be saying to your friends after you’ve stayed a night in every man’s fantasy—the Batman Suite at the Eden Hotel. Complete with a Batmobile couch, a skyline of Gotham City, and the famous Batman symbol as a headboard, you’ll feel invincible in this sweet suite.

The Batman suite at the Eden Hotel.©

Caveman @ Madonna Inn – San Luis Obispo, California

Get in touch with your primal instincts in the Caveman room at the Madonna Inn, California. This room is made completely of rocks, has a “waterfall” as a shower and a “cavern-style” bathroom. With animal prints, a rock pond and a king-sized bed, you’ll be beating your chest in no time.

The Caveman Room is positively primal. ©madonnainn

Beer Barrel Room @ Landhotel Hof Beverland – Germany

Created from an authentic 19th century beer barrel that was used until the 1990’s, this room can sleep up to four, and there are two additional beer barrel rooms at the hotel. In continuing with the beer theme, the room is decorated with other beer paraphernalia, and every room is equipped with a TV, DVD player, Wi-Fi and a shower with massaging jets.

One of three Beer Barrel rooms available at Landhotel Hof Beverland. ©

The Mine Suite @ The Sala Silvermine – Sweden

Not for the claustrophobic, the Mine Suite is located 508 feet below ground, is 64° year-round and cell phones do not get any reception—but fear not! Upon arrival, you are equipped with an intercom to communicate with hotel staff 24/7. Additionally, you will be given a tour as well as a complementary fruit, cheese, chocolate and wine basket and a hotel guide who will provide breakfast in the morning. How’s that for silver lining?

Pappilabild-Photo-Caption-Try-to-catch-your-breath-in-the-world’s-deepest-hotel-room-.png” alt=”" width=”585″ height=”439″ />

Try to catch your breath in the world’s deepest hotel room. ©Pappilabild

The Comic Room @ Arte Luise Kunsthotel – Berlin

Although it has minimalist qualities, while staying in The Comic Room at the Arte Luise Kunsthotel, you’ll feel like you can blow smoke out of your ears or jump off a building and bounce—though we wouldn’t recommend it. The colors and the magnificently playful hand-drawn lines outlining the furniture give the effect of a cartoon fantasy world—just like the one you wished you could live in as a child. This room is one of fifty themed rooms at this hotel.

Get in the game – the Comic Room at the Arte Luise Kunsthotel. ©

The Mirrorcube @ Treehotel – Sweden

Another novelty room at the Treehotel in Sweden, this mirrored cube reflects back the world around it, effectively making it nearly invisible. The inside of the cabin offers panoramic views, a rooftop terrace and, so your peaceful visit isn’t disrupted by birds smashing into those panoramic windows, the mirrored exterior is infrared to ward off confusion.

Get lost in the Mirrorcube. ©

The Igloo Village @ Hotel Kakslauttanen — Finland

Imagine experiencing the Aurora Borealis from your bed… its possible at Hotel Kakslauttanen. These glass or traditional snow igloos are available from December or January through April and the resort offers skiing, safaris and the usual dinner and drinks at similar themed restaurants and bars. As an extension of the Igloo Village, Santa’s Resort is another possibility to visit around the holidays where you can ski, meet elves and dine with St. Nick himself.

View the snowy landscape from the comfort of your bed.©

The Bird’s Nest @ Treehotel – Sweden

The third installment from the Treehotel on this list, the Bird’s Nest has a retractable staircase, small, circular windows, minimalist décor in the interior and comfortably sleeps four. In addition, the hotel offers nighttime safaris in the winter to experience the northern lights and a treehouse sauna and a “custom relaxation area.”

Blend in with your surroundings in the Bird’s Nest. ©

The Ice Suite @ Hotel de Glace – Quebec

At 23ͦ Fahrenheit, this room comes complete with heavy bedding and a private fireplace. Before settling in for the night, you soak in a spa and then head to your room to cuddle up and experience the breathtaking details carved into the ice. The hotel also offers two Ice Bars, an Ice Café with hot drinks available 24/7and an Ice Chapel.

The Ice Suite @ Hotel de Glace Quebec

Das Park Hotel – Austria

Made from recycled sewage drain sections, these surprisingly cozy rooms have skylights, ample storage space for luggage, pillows and blankets and Eurofoam mattresses. Situated in Bernepark, a park near a bicycle route and authentic Austrian food, this unique experience will send you reeling.

Take a turn about the park at Das Park Hotel©

So the next time you’re looking to book a vacation, take into consideration the fact that your hotel itself can offer unique and entertaining activities in addition to those of the surrounding area. Besides, we know from experience that, some vacations don’t allow us any rest or relaxation because of the amount of travel and/or action involved with the trip. Sometimes the best vacations are those where you barely get out of bed and, really, what could make you want to leave any of these spectacular rooms, anyway?

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