Liu Bolan: The Invisible Man

Liu Bolan: The Invisible Man

Liu Bolan: The Invisible Man

Chinese artist Liu Bolin has become known worldwide as “The Invisible Man” after years of disappearing into the backgrounds of urban landscapes by disguising himself in camouflage paint. Using his body as a canvas, Bolin creates scenes that are statements about our relationship to our surroundings.

We were mesmerized by his photos when we first profiled him last year in our feature The Escape Artist. Now, Bolin is back with a new collection of work and it’s nearly impossible to spot him in most of the photos.

Check out more of Liu Bolin’s work below and leave your thoughts in the comments.


‘Graffiti’ – Beijing

beijing magazines

‘Magazines’ – Beijing


Bus Stop - Beijing

‘Bus Stop’ – Beijing


Chinese Family - Beijing

‘Chinese Family’ – Beijing



‘Intrepid’ – NYC


Made in China - NYC

‘Made in China’ – NYC


mobile phones in beijing

‘Mobile Phones’ – Beijing





sleeping lion - beijing

‘Sleeping Lion’ – Beijing


Three Goddesses in Beijing

‘Three Goddesses’ – Beijing


Vegetables - Beijing

‘Vegetables’ – Beijing




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